Timetable for Bus Line 32

Timetable for Bus Line 32 - Tuesday - Eastbound

Stop Name                      
Ramon at San Luis Rey9:15 AM10:05 AM10:55 AM11:45 AM12:35 PM1:25 PM2:15 PM3:05 PM4:05 PM4:55 PM5:45 PM6:35 PM7:15 PM8:05 PM8:55 PM9:45 PM5:05 AM5:55 AM6:45 AM7:35 AM8:25 AM
Gene Autry at Tamarisk9:18 AM10:08 AM10:58 AM11:48 AM12:38 PM1:28 PM2:18 PM3:08 PM4:08 PM4:58 PM5:48 PM6:38 PM7:18 PM8:08 PM8:58 PM9:48 PM5:08 AM5:58 AM6:48 AM7:38 AM8:28 AM
Gene Autry at Tachevah9:19 AM10:09 AM10:59 AM11:49 AM12:39 PM1:29 PM2:19 PM3:09 PM4:09 PM4:59 PM5:49 PM6:39 PM7:19 PM8:09 PM8:59 PM9:49 PM5:09 AM5:59 AM6:49 AM7:39 AM8:29 AM
Vista Chino at Gene Autry9:21 AM10:11 AM11:01 AM11:51 AM12:41 PM1:31 PM2:21 PM3:11 PM4:11 PM5:01 PM5:51 PM6:41 PM7:21 PM8:11 PM9:01 PM9:51 PM5:11 AM6:01 AM6:51 AM7:41 AM8:31 AM
Vista Chino at Desert Princess9:25 AM10:15 AM11:05 AM11:55 AM12:45 PM1:35 PM2:25 PM3:15 PM4:15 PM5:05 PM5:55 PM6:45 PM7:25 PM8:15 PM9:05 PM9:55 PM5:15 AM6:05 AM6:55 AM7:45 AM8:35 AM
Vista Chino at Landau9:27 AM10:17 AM11:07 AM11:57 AM12:47 PM1:37 PM2:27 PM3:17 PM4:17 PM5:06 PM5:56 PM6:46 PM7:26 PM8:16 PM9:06 PM9:56 PM5:16 AM6:06 AM6:57 AM7:47 AM8:37 AM
Vista Chino at Val Yermo9:28 AM10:18 AM11:08 AM11:58 AM12:48 PM1:38 PM2:28 PM3:18 PM4:18 PM5:08 PM5:58 PM6:48 PM7:27 PM8:17 PM9:07 PM9:57 PM5:17 AM6:08 AM6:58 AM7:48 AM8:38 AM
Maravilla at Tachevah9:31 AM10:21 AM11:11 AM12:01 PM12:51 PM1:41 PM2:31 PM3:21 PM4:21 PM5:10 PM6:00 PM6:50 PM7:29 PM8:19 PM9:09 PM9:59 PM5:19 AM6:10 AM7:01 AM7:51 AM8:41 AM
Ave Miravilla at Risueno9:32 AM10:22 AM11:12 AM12:02 PM12:52 PM1:42 PM2:32 PM3:22 PM4:22 PM5:11 PM6:01 PM6:51 PM7:30 PM8:20 PM9:10 PM10:00 PM5:20 AM6:11 AM7:02 AM7:52 AM8:42 AM
30th at Ave Ximino9:33 AM10:23 AM11:13 AM12:03 PM12:53 PM1:43 PM2:33 PM3:23 PM4:23 PM5:12 PM6:02 PM6:52 PM7:31 PM8:21 PM9:11 PM10:01 PM5:21 AM6:12 AM7:03 AM7:53 AM8:43 AM
Date Palm at 30th9:35 AM10:25 AM11:15 AM12:05 PM12:55 PM1:45 PM2:35 PM3:25 PM4:25 PM5:14 PM6:04 PM6:54 PM7:33 PM8:23 PM9:13 PM10:03 PM5:23 AM6:14 AM7:05 AM7:55 AM8:45 AM
Date Palm at McCallum9:37 AM10:27 AM11:17 AM12:07 PM12:57 PM1:47 PM2:37 PM3:27 PM4:27 PM5:15 PM6:05 PM6:55 PM7:34 PM8:24 PM9:14 PM10:04 PM5:24 AM6:15 AM7:07 AM7:57 AM8:47 AM
Date Palm at Baristo9:38 AM10:28 AM11:18 AM12:08 PM12:58 PM1:48 PM2:38 PM3:28 PM4:28 PM5:16 PM6:06 PM6:56 PM7:35 PM8:25 PM9:15 PM10:05 PM5:25 AM6:16 AM7:08 AM7:58 AM8:48 AM
Ramon at Cathedral Village E9:40 AM10:30 AM11:20 AM12:10 PM1:00 PM1:50 PM2:40 PM3:30 PM4:30 PM5:18 PM6:08 PM6:58 PM7:37 PM8:27 PM9:17 PM10:07 PM5:27 AM6:18 AM7:10 AM8:00 AM8:50 AM
Ramon at Desert Shadows9:42 AM10:32 AM11:22 AM12:12 PM1:02 PM1:52 PM2:42 PM3:32 PM4:32 PM5:20 PM6:10 PM7:00 PM7:38 PM8:28 PM9:18 PM10:08 PM5:28 AM6:20 AM7:12 AM8:02 AM8:52 AM
Ramon at Braille Institute9:43 AM10:33 AM11:23 AM12:13 PM1:03 PM1:54 PM2:44 PM3:34 PM4:33 PM5:21 PM6:11 PM7:01 PM7:39 PM8:29 PM9:19 PM10:09 PM5:29 AM6:21 AM7:13 AM8:03 AM8:53 AM
Ramon at Rattler9:44 AM10:34 AM11:24 AM12:14 PM1:04 PM1:55 PM2:45 PM3:35 PM4:34 PM5:22 PM6:12 PM7:02 PM7:40 PM8:30 PM9:20 PM10:10 PM5:30 AM6:22 AM7:14 AM8:04 AM8:54 AM
Ramon at Bob Hope9:48 AM10:38 AM11:28 AM12:18 PM1:08 PM2:00 PM2:50 PM3:40 PM4:38 PM5:26 PM6:16 PM7:06 PM7:43 PM8:33 PM9:23 PM10:13 PM5:33 AM6:26 AM7:18 AM8:08 AM8:58 AM
Ramon at Varner9:50 AM10:40 AM11:30 AM12:20 PM1:10 PM2:02 PM2:52 PM3:42 PM4:40 PM5:28 PM6:18 PM7:08 PM7:45 PM8:35 PM9:25 PM10:15 PM5:35 AM6:28 AM7:20 AM8:10 AM9:00 AM
Ramon at Rosemary9:50 AM10:40 AM11:30 AM12:20 PM1:10 PM2:03 PM2:53 PM3:43 PM4:40 PM5:28 PM6:18 PM7:08 PM7:46 PM8:36 PM9:26 PM10:16 PM5:36 AM6:28 AM7:20 AM8:10 AM9:00 AM
Ramon at Monterey9:52 AM10:42 AM11:32 AM12:22 PM1:12 PM2:05 PM2:55 PM3:45 PM4:42 PM5:30 PM6:20 PM7:10 PM7:47 PM8:37 PM9:27 PM10:17 PM5:37 AM6:30 AM7:22 AM8:12 AM9:02 AM
Monterey at Broadmoor9:53 AM10:43 AM11:33 AM12:23 PM1:13 PM2:06 PM2:56 PM3:46 PM4:43 PM5:31 PM6:21 PM7:11 PM7:48 PM8:38 PM9:28 PM10:18 PM5:38 AM6:31 AM7:23 AM8:13 AM9:03 AM
Dinah Shore at Shoppers Ln9:55 AM10:45 AM11:35 AM12:25 PM1:15 PM2:09 PM2:59 PM3:49 PM4:45 PM5:33 PM6:23 PM7:13 PM7:49 PM8:39 PM9:29 PM10:19 PM5:39 AM6:33 AM7:25 AM8:15 AM9:05 AM
Bob Hope at Dinah Shore9:58 AM10:48 AM11:38 AM12:28 PM1:18 PM2:12 PM3:02 PM3:52 PM4:48 PM5:35 PM6:25 PM7:15 PM7:52 PM8:42 PM9:32 PM10:22 PM5:42 AM6:35 AM7:28 AM8:18 AM9:08 AM
Bob Hope at Ginger Rogers9:59 AM10:49 AM11:39 AM12:29 PM1:19 PM2:13 PM3:03 PM3:53 PM4:49 PM5:36 PM6:26 PM7:16 PM7:53 PM8:43 PM9:33 PM10:23 PM5:43 AM6:36 AM7:29 AM8:19 AM9:09 AM
Bob Hope at Gerald Ford10:01 AM10:51 AM11:41 AM12:31 PM1:21 PM2:15 PM3:05 PM3:55 PM4:51 PM5:38 PM6:28 PM7:18 PM7:54 PM8:44 PM9:34 PM10:24 PM5:44 AM6:38 AM7:31 AM8:21 AM9:11 AM
Bob Hope at Columbia10:06 AM10:56 AM11:46 AM12:36 PM1:26 PM2:21 PM3:11 PM4:01 PM4:56 PM5:42 PM6:32 PM7:22 PM7:58 PM8:48 PM9:38 PM10:28 PM5:48 AM6:42 AM7:36 AM8:26 AM9:16 AM
Country Club at John L Sinn10:08 AM10:58 AM11:48 AM12:38 PM1:28 PM2:23 PM3:13 PM4:03 PM4:58 PM5:44 PM6:34 PM7:24 PM8:00 PM8:50 PM9:40 PM10:30 PM5:50 AM6:44 AM7:38 AM8:28 AM9:18 AM
Country Club at Vista Dunes10:10 AM11:00 AM11:50 AM12:40 PM1:30 PM2:25 PM3:15 PM4:05 PM5:00 PM5:46 PM6:36 PM7:26 PM8:01 PM8:51 PM9:41 PM10:31 PM5:51 AM6:46 AM7:40 AM8:30 AM9:20 AM
Monterey at Hovley10:11 AM11:01 AM11:51 AM12:41 PM1:31 PM2:27 PM3:17 PM4:07 PM5:01 PM5:47 PM6:37 PM7:27 PM8:03 PM8:53 PM9:43 PM10:33 PM5:53 AM6:47 AM7:41 AM8:31 AM9:21 AM
Monterey at Park View10:16 AM11:06 AM11:56 AM12:46 PM1:36 PM2:32 PM3:22 PM4:12 PM5:06 PM5:51 PM6:41 PM7:31 PM8:06 PM8:56 PM9:46 PM10:36 PM5:56 AM6:51 AM7:46 AM8:36 AM9:26 AM
Monterey at Fred Waring10:16 AM11:06 AM11:56 AM12:46 PM1:36 PM2:33 PM3:23 PM4:13 PM5:06 PM5:52 PM6:42 PM7:32 PM8:07 PM8:57 PM9:47 PM10:37 PM5:57 AM6:52 AM7:46 AM8:36 AM9:26 AM
Monterey at Hahn10:17 AM11:07 AM11:57 AM12:47 PM1:37 PM2:34 PM3:24 PM4:14 PM5:07 PM5:52 PM6:42 PM7:32 PM8:08 PM8:58 PM9:48 PM10:38 PM5:58 AM6:52 AM7:47 AM8:37 AM9:27 AM
Hwy 111 at Plaza10:19 AM11:09 AM11:59 AM12:49 PM1:39 PM2:35 PM3:25 PM4:15 PM5:09 PM5:54 PM6:44 PM7:34 PM8:09 PM8:59 PM9:49 PM10:39 PM5:59 AM6:54 AM7:49 AM8:39 AM9:29 AM
Town Center at Hahn10:20 AM11:10 AM12:00 PM12:50 PM1:40 PM2:37 PM3:27 PM4:17 PM5:10 PM5:55 PM6:45 PM7:35 PM8:10 PM9:00 PM9:50 PM10:40 PM6:00 AM6:55 AM7:50 AM8:40 AM9:30 AM

General Service Information

Schedules effective May 06, 2018.

Route and service adjustments have been made to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Click on the links below to view detailed SunLine bus timetables and resources.

Holiday Hours of Operations

SunLine does not operate on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Service operates seven days a week.


Saturday/Sunday service operates:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day