There are a number of departments at SunLine that work together to provide reliable transit service which is also environmentally-friendly and at the cutting edge of alternative fuels technology. Here is a list of those departments

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Executive Office

Executive Office is responsible for the overall administration and operation of the Agency.  This Office provides support to the Agency Board of Directors and maintains all records of the Agency's business.

  • Implement Performance Management Program to include metric measurements and pay for performance for employees which will assist with professional growth.
  • Establish SunLine as a Center of Excellence nationally in advanced technologies.
  • Improve labor relations among employees; both bargaining and non-bargaining by increasing morale and communication between staff and management.
  • Seek additional capital and operating revenues to expand service and improve system frequency.
Performance Management Office

The Performance Management Office is responsible for improving the overall efficiency of the systems and processes that support SunLine daily operations. This Office focuses on maximizing performance across all Agency functions through ongoing performance reviews.  It oversees the management of SunFuels, Risk Management and Information Technology; along with special capital projects.

  • Improve the quality of information and data produced by all SunLine Departments.    
  • Improve the implementation and management of Capital Projects.    
  • Ensure compliance with all federal, state and local laws.    
  • Establish higher levels of personal accountability for performance. 
SunFuels - Outside Sales

SunFuels is responsible for the operations and maintenance of SunLine’s fueling infrastructure; the only alternative fueling station in the Coachella Valley that offers Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Hydrogen Compressed Natural Gas (HCNG) and Hydrogen fuels.  SunFuels provides daily fueling capabilities to STA vehicles and the public which produces up to 1.78 million Gas Gallon Equivalents (GGEs) per year.       

  • Increase production for outside sales to 400,000 (GGE).    
  • Sustain 100% reliability and availability on fueling infrastructure.    
  • Promote and market more aggressive means to expand external fuel sales.
SunFuels - Self-consumed Fuel

SunFuels is responsible for the operations and maintenance of SunLine Transit Agency CNG and Hydrogen fuel infrastructure for agency vehicles and buses.

  • Produce 1,385,000 GGEs of self-consumed CNG and Hydrogen to support increased transit services.
  • Sustain 100% reliability on fueling infrastructure and hydrogen production.
  • Seek and implement efficiencies to lower the cost of producing fuel.
  • Modernize or replace existing equipment to meet higher standards of efficiency. 
Risk Management

Risk Management is responsible for all aspects of managing risks for SunLine Transit Agency, including employee safety, security and general liability.  Risk Management is also responsible for trending claims data and communicating the trends with other departments.  The Risk Management staff work with the various departments to develop mitigations to data trends to reduce overall workers’ compensation and general liability claims.   

  • Provide a train-the-trainer course for Certification in First Aid/CPR. These Certified Trainers will then provide First Aid/CPR training and certification to employees, promoting a SunLine Safety Culture. 
  • Institute a concerted program to reduce workers compensation and general liability claims costs, by communicating monthly trends and cultivating mitigation plans with all departments.    
  • Increase the SunLine Safety Culture through safety/security related training and outreach.    
Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) division is responsible for the management of the network, computer systems and electronic data.  IT provides support for users and applications, communication systems and facilitates user training for various systems.  IT also interfaces with vendors for application improvements and issue resolution. In addition, IT is responsible for data integrity management and planning for the future needs of the Agency.   

  • Provide robust, secure, and reliable network and enterprise technology systems to support the effective and efficient operation of Agency’s processes.
  • Effectively and efficiently improve the access, application, and quality of information and computing technologies utilized by the Agency.
  • Continue the development and growth of the Information Technology department through education and training.
Operations Office

Operations focuses on all aspects of quality service delivery by utilizing staff, fleet, facilities and equipment.


Operations Office is responsible for the daily transit services provided to the public by SunBus and SunDial.  The daily service for both fixed route and paratransit encompasses over 1,100 square miles with an annual ridership of 4.8 million.

SunDial is a Coachella Valley, curb to curb paratransit service designed to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). Reservations can be scheduled up to 14 days in advance. SunDial service is available within 3/4 of a mile on either side of any local SunBus route (not including Commuter Link 220).

  • SunLine's fixed route system goal is to improve on-time performance to 90% by monitoring, educating and use of inter-department focus groups. 
  • Expand service levels by increasing drivers through analyzing overtime reports to validate new demands for operations expansion.  
  • Improve customer service by analyzing intelligent transportation technology data to develop metrics for areas that need improvement along with corrective actions.    
  • Improve staff development by expanding training programs through utilization of transit certificate programs & industry transit organizations.
Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance is responsible for performing vehicle maintenance and inspections, mid-life overhauls, and rehabilitation of all vehicles within the fixed route and paratransit fleet. Fleet Maintenance also ensures safe and reliable vehicles to support the daily transit services provided to the public by SunBus and SunDial.

  • Streamline work processes and enhance troubleshooting of mechanical systems to improve maintenance performance.
  • Increase maintenance service levels for anticipated expansion of transit services.
  • Increase staff training and staff development.        
  • Increase non-revenue fleet to support transit service expansions.
  • Increase staff trained on Fuel Cell Technology to provide maintenance to additional Fuel Cell buses.
Facility Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance is responsible for maintenance, inspections, repairs and rehabilitation of facilities and buildings for administration and operations located at Thousand Palms and Indio. Facilities Maintenance ensures facilities are safe and sanitary for employees and customers.

  • Enhance proactive routine/preventable maintenance program.
  • Coordinate the transition from existing administrative facilities to new administrative building.
  • Complete project running natural gas to the Maintenance shop.    
  • Reseal Maintenance shop floor.
Stops and Zones

Stops & Zones is responsible for maintaining clean, safe, and sanitary bus stop facilities. Stops and Zones also coordinates with Service Planning for the relocation, installation and removal of bus stops.

  • Ensure service and installation of over 20 new bus stops.    
  • Maintain and service existing bus stops and zones. 
  • Refurbish older solar shelters with new lighting technology this will extend the life of solar shelters and make the solar electric system more reliable and require less maintenance.
Finance Office

The Finance Office is responsible for the budget, accounting, sales, contracts/procurement, materials management and inventory control, warranty administration, cash management, investment portfolio, payroll, and lost and found for the Agency. The Finance Office is also responsible for the development of all financial statements, coordination of financial audits, and development of sales and taxation documents and specialized reports for SunFuels. 

  • Assess system needs and begin the process to procure a new accounting system.
  • Develop a fiscal policy and procedures manual that encompasses all fiscal related policies and procedures.
  • Assess fiscal processes to improve efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy of transactions.
Administration Office

The Administration Office provides a wide range of support functions for SunLine Transit Agency, including Human Resources, Service Planning, and Community and Customer Relations.

  • Increase system ridership to over 5.2 million through continued operation of FY 14 service improvements, new FY 15 service improvements, and increased marketing of the existing services.    
  • Initiate and complete the Bus Rider Survey, Indio Future Facility Study, and Bus Rapid Transit Study.
  • Implement a performance-based compensation program for employees.    
  • Work with Risk Management on develop and implement strategies to reduce workers compensation claims.
  • Increase advertising revenue to over $75,000 annually through a partnership with an ad agency.
  • More actively market our transit services through advertising and community outreach including more travel training for those potential riders able to use fixed route services.