Boards and Committees

SunLine Transit Agency is a Joint Powers Authority, a public agency created by the nine cities of the Coachella Valley and Riverside County.  Each of the member entities appoints one of its elected officials to serve on the SunLine Board of Directors.

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Finance/Audit Committee

Finance/Audit Committee meets each month, prior to the monthly Board meeting. Committee monitors fiscal transparency by measuring monthly, quarterly and annual fiscal performance goals; works closely with third-party audit firm for fiscal year-end or mid-year audit reviews; reviews all contracts. 

Board Operations Committee

Board Operations Committee meets as needed to review Agency bylaws, policies and procedures; Agency litigation; State & Federal legislative efforts; review of the CEO/General Manager's performance; Agency officer elections – nominating committee; New Board Member orientation.

Strategic Planning & Operational Committee

Strategic Planning & Operational Committee meets, as needed, to review the Short Range Transit Plan; sets long-range goals and a long-range plan; generates change initiatives to deal with high-stakes issues at the strategic-end of the spectrum; reviews next years’ service goals and the line-item budget; reviews capital projects; provides review and concurrence on SunLine’s performance management benchmarks and goals; attendance at quarterly SunLine Stat meetings - monitoring service operations and spending performance.

Taxi Committee

Taxi Committee meets each month, prior to the Board meeting, to review topics concerning the regulation of taxicabs, a function of SunLine Services Group and administered by the SunLine Regulatory Administration.

ACCESS Advisory Committee

The ACCESS Advisory Committee is comprised of community members to assist SunLine in providing and expanding innovative public transit service to the Coachella Valley. Committee members are expected to attend one meeting every month.

The Committee is advisory in nature and draws upon a variety of professional and personal experience. As requested by the SunLine Board of Directors, the Committee works with SunLine staff and provides input on:

  • SunLine fixed-route service
  • Bus stop accessibility
  • Service to seniors and persons with disabilities
  • Accessible transportation such as SunDial Paratransit Service
  • Other public transit matters